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        My name is Erik Gillespie, and I have been practicing law for nearly 20 years now.  I have specifically modeled my law firm to serve my clients as quickly, aggressively and personally as possible. 

  • Legal Injury Claims:  When we suffer significant injuries, there are often many other legal explanations and causes beyond what doctors medically diagnose.  

    The following are some examples of injuries that might be linked to legally negligent causes:


Any Form of Cancer

Pre-mature & Sudden Death

Birth Defects 

Heart Attacks & Strokes

Internal Bleeding & Organ Damage

Scars & Amputations

Any Chronic Disease


  • Your Rights:  If you or a loved one have suffered any of the foregoing injuries, then please contact me to analyze any potential legal cause for which you or they might be entitled money damages and compensation.  

  • Attorney's Fees:  You owe nothing unless we win, and any fees and costs are normally covered by insurance.

  • Free & Quick Legal Advice:  My legal advice is completely free, and I am always available seven days a week.

  • Free Second Opinions:  I also provide free second opinions on existing cases or rejected cases.  If you decide to leave your current lawyer, then I will address your prior lawyer's claim for fees from my own fees; so therefore you will never be double billed.

       If you need to immediately speak to an Attorney, not a paralegal or receptionist, then simply call, text or email me directly any day of the week at no risk and no charge. 

*Fees & Costs Covered by Insurance*

*Statewide Service in all of Florida* 

*Admitted to Practice in United States Federal Court*

Direct Line & Texting:  (813) 287-9545

Facsimile:  (813) 287-0099

Main Office: Tampa Bay



Attorney Erik A. Gillespie personally provides consumers with free legal advice any day of the week.

Notice:  The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Before you decide, ask the lawyer to send you free written information about his qualifications and experience.